Monday, January 3, 2011

So many books, so little time

Our house is anchored and insulated by books. We have floor-to-ceiling bookcases in the master bedroom, the guest bedroom, my study, David's study, a hallway in the basement, and the living room. We also have shorter bookcases in the front hallway, the guest room, the living room, and the basement.

Twenty-two years ago when we moved into our town house, we asked an interior designer to help us figure out furniture placement. The one requirement, we told her, was that three tall bookcases line the west wall of the living room. She looked at us, aghast. "Then it will look like a library!" she wailed. Yes, we said. Make it a very attractive library.

Some time later we moved the books from the west wall to the north wall. Immediately our home computer network stopped functioning as intended. The basement computer sometimes picked up the signal, often did not. Evidently the book wall was not letting the signal through. A signal booster on the main floor solved the problem, but I felt a bit sorry for the books. They knew what computers are doing to publishing, and they were only standing up for their rights.

David and I have reading chairs in the living room. Before company comes, we try to remember to reduce the height of our book stacks. But we thought you'd enjoy seeing  them in their natural state.

And now I think I'll go get a cup of tea and sit in my reading chair for a while. Happy New Year, readers!


  1. A house without a bookcase is not a home!

  2. We have 8 split-levels in our house, and there are books on all the levels, including the bottom level, where the nuclear-fallout shelter can be found (read: But without them, we wouldn't feel comfortable!


  3. LaVonne,

    I'd love to see you post some pictures of how you've incorporated your books into your home. I've got a similar problem!