Thursday, February 10, 2011

Books about Creation Care, 2008 - 2010

Grant Wood, "Fall Plowing," 1931
Last night I paged through the opening chapters of Jim Ball’s Global Warming and the Risen Lord. What, I asked myself, made this book stand out from the multitude of volumes on the environment from the pens of evangelical writers?

When I read Francis Schaeffer’s Pollution and the Death of Man in the 1970s, I didn’t have to ask that question. In that decade, Schaeffer was a lone prophetic voice—a role that the eccentric, be-knickered apologist often adopted—calling evangelical Protestants to pay attention to their divine call to care for God’s creation and protect it from the ravages of pollution.

What made Schaeffer stand out in 1970 was the bare fact that he wrote about threats to the environment from a conservative Protestant perspective. If he had lived to see the first decade of the 21st century, I think he would have been amazed and pleased at the outpouring of volumes on environmental concerns from evangelical authors and evangelical presses. (When I have finished reading Ball's book, I'll let you know what makes it distinctive.)

One promising young voice, still near the beginning of his career, is our friend Ben Lowe. With a degree in environmental studies from Wheaton College, Ben has worked as director of outreach for A Rocha USA and as co-coordinator of Renewal, a grassroots network equipping students for creation care. After a brief run at politics, Ben is now director of young adult ministries at the Evangelical Environmental Network.

We asked Ben to give readers of The Neff Review a bibliography of current evangelical titles on the environment. Here is Ben's list of books published in the past three years—an abundant harvest from the seed Schaeffer planted just 40 years ago.

Ben's List


  1. On the theological front, Richard Bauckham's 'Bible and Ecology' is excellent (we have been having a sermon series on it in our church).

  2. Wendell Berry comes to mind. Novels, essays, and poetry.