You're here because you love all kinds of books, and so do we.

LaVonne Neff, a book editor for many years, writes for a variety of blogs and magazines.
David Neff recently retired from being editor-in-chief of Christianity Today magazine. He is still organist-choirmaster at an Episcopal church.
Between us we have written, acquired, edited, blurbed, translated, compiled, reviewed, ghosted, bought, sold, borrowed, and - above all - read more books than we can count.

You can tell who wrote which review by looking at the small type at the end.

Our interests
David reviews mostly religion books. In his spare time, he loves mysteries and thrillers and Alexander McCall Smith. He and LaVonne often trade book recommendations.

LaVonne reviews some religion books but is more interested in fiction (mysteries, detective, literary, and good reads of any sort) and general nonfiction (especially memoirs and books about animals, food, health, and current events).

We make no attempt to keep up with best-sellers, or to cover all the new books in a particular area, or to balance books of advocacy with books representing opposing viewpoints. Though publishers sometimes send us review copies, we rarely read them and hardly ever review them. We review books because they interest us, and for no other reason. We learn about books from reading published reviews, browsing in bookstores and libraries, and listening to our friends' recommendations. Most of the books reviewed here come from our excellent public library.

To look for specific authors or categories, click on a tab at the top of this or any blog page. The links will take you directly to the reviews you want.